Hello! This site is designed to be a resource to help you as you teach yourself Unity.

If you know nothing about unity, you’ll want to start somewhere:

This site is designed for you to guide yourself. You are here to teach yourself unity! Yay. Start with an overview of topics then dive in deep to the extent that you are comfortable or curious about. You may wish to start skimming through some background knowledge that will help before getting your hands dirty.

Notes On Pedagogy:

This is not a follow-along project site/guide. There is no “how to do _specific xyz” _here. Such an approach can be helpful, but I find it better to start with an overview and “scrap” projects to explore tools, before using those tools for something where you have a more focused objective.  It can be helpful (ie: musicians can derive fundamentals and techniques from learning specific songs) but with Unity, it isn’t a pedagogy I recommend starting with. Later, going through such guides or dissecting others’ projects is a great way to learn techniques and project structure.

Currently I am focused on writing posts and creating videos to explain topics in a concise way, focusing on where I feel other explanations are inadequate, low-quality, out of date, or long-winded. I also may include posts that are just links to resources others have already created. My original goal was to simply collect resources but I soon realized I would need to create my own.

The resources are designed to be as hyperlinked as I can manage, and not to be explored in any particular sequence.